Ark Foundation is a nonprofit organization spreading humanistic values worldwide. Charity-oriented, we take advantage of modern technologies and contemporary achievements in educational software and art to irradiate knowledge of the greatest disaster of our time.

Today the question “will we never forget?” is disturbing. Decades after the catastrophe the world is not fully recovered, nor eradicated of this scourge. 21st century holds great danger. While the memory of Holocaust is waning universally, a threat of new humanistic disaster accrues. We do our best to build better future.

It is time that we reassert our commitment not to let this happen again. Never again.
It is in younger generation that our biggest worries lie. Will we never forget?

Most of young people - or “millenials” - in all parts of the world are entirely ignorant of gruesome mass murders and genocide during the Second World War. Thus, they have nothing to forget and no memory to preserve. Such situation is fraught with danger.

Such unspeakable catastrophe must not be forgotten, nor repeated ever again. Thus, it is in our power to spread the knowledge, - the true history of what happened back then, - to the widest scope of persons, and not to stand idly by.